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Plates under our earth's crust move all the time.  But since the crust is brittle, gradual change rarely happens.  Instead, pressure builds into violent eruptions like earthquakes or tsunamis.  

Likewise, our worlds (e.g., our health, finances, families, where we work, even the roads we use) change constantly.  But, people resist change (e.g., we deny, cling to old ways, drag our feet, or construct roadblocks).  Just like the earth, when forced to change people erupt - damaging relationships and organizations.

Bottom line:  gradual adaptation pays dividends.  Try a simple exercise that helps you identify sticking points and highlights how “going with the flow” contributes to creativity and good mental health.  


Download a picture from the web or pull one out of a magazine. Now, cut the picture up into small pieces so that the original identity of the picture is lost. Next, lay the pieces face up on a flat surface so you put them back together in a way unlike the original picture.  


1. what prompted you to choose the picture?
2. how did you feel about cutting the picture into small pieces?
3. what did you feel as you put the pieces together into something     new?
4. during this exercise when did you feel most alive and creative?
5. consider how change plays out in personal relationships and     organizations.
6. how do you balance competing fears of change and the     emotional rush of doing something new?



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