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“ I wanted you to know (just in case there are times when you question all the work you do to publish your blog) you are doing some REAL GOOD.” From a reader…

From participants in an Association for Conflict Resolution Conflict Coaching Committee as well as an ICF Coaching Committee SIG teleseminars on power and language...

“What an eye-opening session! I really loved hearing Peg talk (her voice is magnificent, never mind what helpful words she is offering) and wished we could have had more time with her. I will have to read more from her web site and look for her on the seminar circuit.

“It’s difficult to engage an audience over the phone for an hour, and yet I find myself still thinking about the lessons learned and wanting to learn more from Peg’s web site. Peg didn’t tell us participants what to learn, or direct us on what’s the right or wrong way to do things as a mediator; she ‘simply’ sets out the questions that got us to do the work, which invoked high-engagement, personalized learning for me.”

“Powerful call (pun intended).”

“Once again you have found a wonderful speaker/educator for the SIG.”

“Great call! I loved how she defined “power.” My motive for coaching is to empower people and she really helped me see how to do that better. Thanks so much!”

“What a very powerful session with ‘Peg’.”

“Can we book Dr. Peg again? I understood her accent perfectly as I went to Georgia Tech!”

“That was a great presentation. I never really thought about how words make such subtle differences between internal and external locus of control!”

“Another very searching presentation full of gems and I am still reflecting on them.”

From an assistant professor in a department of psychology...

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful talk on Friday. I thought it went extremely well. Your remarks generated more feedback than has happened in other talks, including more comments from students, especially some from outside the Psychology Department, about how much they appreciated your talk.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

From a lawyer to peacemaker...

“Good luck on your blog site. I can see that you have been in the field since the very beginning of modern mediation.”

From the owner of a premier event location...

“What a wonderful reception to your offerings yesterday! Truly Everyone enjoyed their time spent with you and I think you laid a GREAT foundation for good, good information regarding how we might best communicate, what our key objectives are together as a team and individually and you created a great synergy amongst the team. Thank you!”

From the director of a human resource program...

“Mediation was an organizational life saver. The process was safe and comfortable and resulted in both greater understanding and subsequent changes. It also helped us take responsibility for communicating clearly and directly. We have modified some of our habits and are comforted by the knowledge that mediation is available if we get stuck again.”

From a county manager...

“Without this assistance the two groups would not have been able to ‘air’ their differences and move forward.”

From a department head...

“This is an amazing service! I know you are familiar with the many interpersonal issues that may lead two people to mediation, but our department wanted me to write to you to express how important this process can be to a large group as well.”

From a program director/associate professor of a university conflict analysis and dispute resolution program...

“As they say in baseball ‘you are a triple threat.’ You can hit, catch and throw the ball. In the academy, as well as the ADR field in general, we see a slant toward hyper specialization in practice, research and service. You have not only developed a superb set of practical skills, that you readily apply in a variety of contexts, you are also a great teacher and trainer and a first rate researcher who contributes new knowledge through basic and applied research. Not too many folks can lay claim to two of these much less all three.”

From a program director, practitioner, and teacher...

“I am proud of your book. It is very important to the theory and understanding of alternative dispute resolution! I have it, and recommend it for my basic and advanced mediation students!”

From the CEO of a camp for high risk youth...

“Your experience with small non-profits allows you to see big pictures as well as everything needed to paint them. You narrowed our focus in very helpful ways, including discarding irrelevant information, and were extremely adept at accessing, then using empirical data related to our proposals. You are especially skilled at delineating details we need to complete our project.”

From Doc Peg is IN subscribers...

“Thank you. It would be great to work with a person like you. In fact I’d love very much to benefit from your large experience and know-how. I like what you are writing. In addition to the valuable content that enriches the minds and knowledge, I find the way you are telling things and very exciting. Many people are writing very well but not all do it in enjoyable way. So please keep writing.”

“Yes, if we stop matters of change- we stop life and the beauty of the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

We stop life itself. The potential to move forward. I would rather enjoy life than live in fear and be stagnated.

Life should move as we face many changes. Those who refuse to change could be poor listeners and non-committal.”

“I was sitting at the car wash today watching Nancy Grace and wishing for a more “graceful” (pun intended) type of show, one in which the host doesn’t get to abuse the participants. I’m sure you would have a much more humane approach!!”

“As you lay out these clues to careful listening after you ask questions, I can see how you would bring a conflicted group to various solutions. You do not impose goals from some kind of preformed template. Rather you let people hear each other talk, respect each other in the process and come up with their own outcomes.”

“It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.”

“This reminded me of how often I think about how much focus and funding we put on the technical stuff of conflict (defense) and how unwilling we are to give equal focus and funding to the skills for peacebuilding those you describe here. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”

From the director of a university program...

“Peggy knows the value of strategic planning in organizational development. She took our program through an initial workshop, and now we update our plan yearly. The experience has helped us succeed and stay on track.”

From the co-director of a university program in conflict analysis and resolution...

“Just a short note to thank you for coming up. You were a big hit here and a great role model for all our students. Please know that we appreciate all you did.”

From students in my classes on mediation taught at the Maxwell School's Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflict

“Thank you so much for your time and knowledge this past week. It really was a capstone class for the conflict series. Best wishes to you and yours!”

“I will never forget the Herrman Effect, meaning the profound influence you have on bringing people together. I am honored to have met you, and who knows, I may do some mediation in the future, too. I have actually done some already with clients, and it has worked, awesome!!”

“You are an icon in your field.”




Peggy maintains a private practice in Athens, GA, serving north Georgia, while also traveling across North America and internationally to help clients, conduct training and for speaking engagements. North American and international coaching clients have access by phone or Skype. Peggy can be reached at info@herrmangroup.com, by phone (706.207.1490), or use the “contact” form to make an appointment for an initial chat. Half hour initial inquiries are free (a $75 value). Thanks for coming to “ Conflict Solved: Doc Peg is IN.” Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN for daily reflections and hip-pocket tips.

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