Conflict Solved: DocPegisIN

Doc Peg
· is passionate about helping you solve conflict.
· explores four topics most writers avoid: change, communication,
conflict, and your choices for solving conflict.
· expands your options by describing how several choices work.

Conflict Solved: Doc Peg is IN teaches by opening portals to:
· distilled insights based on years of my experience as a practitioner,
scholar, and teacher.
· the Doc Peg is IN blog for short, hip-pocket tips just right for
everyday use. and· my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN pages for
even shorter reflections that help.

Dr. Peggy Herrman

Wander with me along a path created by weaving change, communication, conflict and more choices into your life. People tend to treat change, communication and conflict as stumbling blocks. But, by building awareness and making informed choices, you create exciting opportunities for renewed relationships at home, work, in congregations, on non-profit boards or if you serve as an elected or community leader.

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I invite you to read, reflect and share. I only ask that you fully cite this source including the web address as a professional courtesy and to encourage new readers can join in the conversation. For even more insights I invite you to sign up, log in, and follow me on this journey. Any questions, contact me here and on my Doc Peg is IN blog.



Peggy maintains a private practice in Athens, GA, serving north Georgia, while also traveling across North America and internationally to help clients, conduct training and for speaking engagements. North American and international coaching clients have access by phone or Skype. Peggy can be reached at, by phone (706.207.1490), or use the “contact” form to make an appointment for an initial chat. Half hour initial inquiries are free (a $75 value). Thanks for coming to “ Conflict Solved: Doc Peg is IN.” Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN for daily reflections and hip-pocket tips.

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