Coercive Power = Obsessive Need to Control?

change 3

Power = an ability to foster change.

Coercive power = quick change that does not last (actually people change back when you back off).

Soft power = slower, more lasting change because people change to meet their needs not someone else’s agenda.

So do humans coercively hammer others because they are impatient and because they fear losing control?

Is this an either-or situation?  No, while I prefer soft power and know it is more effective long term, there are times when coercive power is justified (e.g., when lives are at stake, to stop abuse, to protect).

Peace is a vital process of change based on listening to the needs of others and constant adaptation to strengthen relationships. Not easy, but non-violent.

What do you do when you exert power?  Why?  What happens later?

How do you experience peace?

To help you polish and share with others. Thank you.

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