Intentions and Change

garden-stepping-stones-ideasIntensions are powerful in quiet ways.

You decide, bring the decision into consciousness as an intention, and you are already on your way to bringing your intended goal to reality.  Why?

Your body reacts immediately to intention as your brain begins working on your intention in hidden ways.

Example, you intend to act in more peaceful, respectful, conflict competent ways.  That intention becomes a little voice in your head whispering: “hold off on that snappy retort; listen to hear.”  And guess what: you do.

Life is a journey of a thousand steps.  You just took a step.

Where will your steps take you today?  What one step fulfills an intention to live more peacefully, embracing your potential for conflict competence?

To help you polish and share with others. Thank you.

Any reflections?  Questions?  I always reply, and comments just make my day.  For daily reflections follow Doc Peg is IN on Facebook & Twitter; and LinkedIn @Margaret Herrman.  Call if you need help.  A half-hour assessment is free
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