Peace and Joy

May we embrace and nurture that place in our lives where peace and joy exist.  

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone here or all who might be touched by your wisdom and grace.

path of stone and flowersSerenity and peace as we walk and talk together.


Hold the mystery and majesty in our hearts.


Faith grounds us; awareness expands faith.

tree cathedral

Heaven in gardens, a celebration of life and cycles.


Peace welcomes constant challenges, solving new or cycling problems, working with people and nature, enjoying the beauty of our creation.

Feel free to share your reflections.  I love to hear from you.  


To help you polish and share with others. Thank you.

Any reflections?  Questions?  I always reply, and comments just make my day.  For daily reflections follow Doc Peg is IN on Facebook & Twitter; and LinkedIn @Margaret Herrman.  Call if you need help.  A half-hour assessment is free
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2 Responses to Peace and Joy

  1. Carolyne Ashton says:

    I want to strengthen my faith and support expansion of awareness in myself and others. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Peggy xoxo

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